Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thrifted Treasures: Bratz, Cutie Pops, Tinkerbell, and Novi Stars!

Hi! Time for another installment of Thrifted Treasures! This is probably going to be a longer post, since I have quite a bit to say, and a lot of pictures, so please bear with me! The dolls I managed to find at my local thrift store and flea market are a mix of Bratz, a Cutie Pops, Novi Stars, and a Tinkerbell doll. So, onto the pictures we go!

First up we have, Genie Magic Jade, Genie Magic Meygan, and Girlz Really Rock Cloe. I got most of my dolls from this wonderful woman who's daughter obviously took amazing care of her dolls! The only things I see amiss with them are that Jade is wearing her second outfit's pants and shoes, (not a bad thing at all, it's a good look!), Cloe has Rock Angelz's (?) Cloe's red boots, and probably the biggest (small) problem, Meygan has Genie magic Katia's other shoe!

Genie Magic Meygan was not meant to have a henna tattoo on her ankle, but Genie Magic Katia sure was! I actually saw the bottle playset that Katia came with, but I didn't see Katia herself, I don't think it's that big of a problem, It just caught me off guard! But the poor girl has two right feet now!

I also got Tokyo A GoGo Fianna, Tokyo A GoGo Cloe, and Ice Champions Vinessa. Both Tokyo A GoGo dolls came in their second outfits, but Cloe is missing her beige top that goes over the black lace, and Fianna came with her hair redone into it's original style with these large orange and red ponytail holders. Vinessa came in her full outfit, missing the scarf and jacket, and in her second pair of shoes.

 I got the first doll here for a buck cheaper since she had no shoes, the second doll I got for FREE, since I was already buying so many other dolls, and I paid full regular flea market price for the third doll. The dolls are, Flower Girlz Nora, in Tokyo A GoGo Cloe's first top, and a currently unknown skirt, Movie Starz Cloe, and Princess Yasmin, in her complete first outfit.

The last two Bratz I got were, Treasures Roxxi, and Cowgirlz Cloe. Roxxie came with most of her first outfit, missing her socks, hat, and all her accessories, (I actually had her bracelet, which came on a Fab Faces My Scene doll that I got from the same seller, but I was dumb enough to take the darn bracelet off, and now it's been lost in the bottomless pit that is my room). Cowgirlz Cloe came in her full first outfit, with all her jewelry, but in her second pair of boots. Cloe's hair is nylon, which was a big surprise, but It isn't too bad, yet.

After looking around a bit more around the flea market, I found this stand with a whole lot of dolls, but a lot of them were in pretty bad condition, so after looking around for a while, I managed to find these three cuties, a Cutie Pops original release Chiffon, with a cute yellow apron attached to her, a Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy doll, and Novi Stars Tula Toned, my, what a crowd! A big head, a fairy without wings, and an Alien! Well, anyway, Chiffon didn't come with those eyes, I just so happened to already have them after finding them in a bag of accessories from the thrift store, but I think they match really well. They may or may not have belonged to Hattitude Bianca, but im not 100% sure. Tinkerbell came in amazing condition, but she was missing her wings, her boots, and the belt around her waist was supposed to be her headband I think. Tula was missing her wings too, and her tail, not to mention her hair wasn't in the original style anymore, so I had to improvise.

A close up of Genie Magic Jade, she has a screening very similar to Nighty Nite Jade, but instead of two shades of brown for her eyeshadow, she has an outer layer of brown and a bottom layer of pink. Her lips are a light pastel pink color with a dark pink outline.

Genie Magic Meygan has a very nice face up with a turquoise bottom layer of eyeshadow, and a dark blue upper layer of eyeshadow, and just a very light pink shading on top of the dark blue layer. Her lips are a metallic coral color, with a hot pink outline.

Girlz Really Rock Cloe has forward facing blue-purple eyes, with heavy black eyeshadow, with a thin line of brown over the black layer. She has a very muted shade of pink for her lipstick, with a thin outline of dark pink.

Tokyo A GoGo Fianna has anime-esque eyes which were only used for this line. They are a lovely forest green and she has blue and pink eyeshadow that feels like it is ever so slightly less heavy than other Bratz dolls. She has bright pink (almost neon) lips with just a hint of teeth. Another special part of this particular line of dolls is that they had crazy fun colors micro braided into their hair, Fianna's colors being: bright pink, orange, and beige.

Tokyo A GoGo Cloe has eyes that are even more anime-esque than Fianna's, which might have something to do with the fact that she's looking up rather than straightforward. Anywho, she has a pink lower layer and a purple upper layer of eyeshdow, and bright pink lips, with her teeth showing.

  Ice Champions Vinessa has a pastel blue eyeshadow with just a thin layer of brown eyeshadow, which complements her light chocolate brown eyes very nicely. Her lips are a beautiful pastel metallic pink color, that I just adore! Her faceup is fairly simple, but lovely as well.

Flower Girlz Nora has really pretty purple eyes, with a pink border around her pupil. And her makeup complements her eyes very nicely as well, with the dark purple eyeshadow going all around her eyes, and a small layer of pink on top of the purple. Her lips are a very light powdery pink color, with a red outline, and her teeth showing.

Movie Starz Cloe has a simple, yet elegant look to her, with black, brown, and grey eyeshadow sort of doing a gradient from her eyelids to her eyebrows. The smoky eye effect is even more enhanced by her rooted eyelashes. Wow, rooted lashes and amazing articulation? YES PLEASE! Well, anyway, her lips are a shimmery pearlescent pink, and her teeth are showing too, but instead of giving off a happy, or bored vibe, she gives off a "Oh, really? whatever" kind of vibe. It might have something to do with those angled eyebrows. *.*

Princess Yasmin's faceup went really heavy on the purple,which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on each person. I actually really like her purple makeup, especially her lovely bright purple eyes. Her eyeshadow consists of a lavender lower layer and an upper layer of bright purple. Her lips are a solid shade of ever so slightly dull purple.

 Treasures Roxxi has these really cool grey eyes that you can mistake for blue, or purple, depending on the lighting. Her eyeshadow has a dark grey bottom layer and a coral pink upper layer. Her lips are a very nice wine red color, with just a slight magenta tinge. She also has micro braids in her hair, I think almost every single Roxxi doll made had the black streaks in her hair micro braided.

Cowgirlz Cloe has bright icy blue eyes that really suit her face very well. Her eyeshadow consists of a bottom layer of grey, and a middle layer of pale blue, and a final upper layer of shimmery translucent silver.

Cutie Pops Chiffon's face up review will be a bit short, since she has a very natural makeup palette, plus im not counting her eyes, since I already just so happened to have them, and when I first got her, she didn't have eyes. But she does have an adorable shade of bright pink for her lips, and very faint heart shaped patches of blush on her cheeks.

 Pirate Fairy Tink has side glancing dark blue eyes, and her eye makeup is in three layers, a gold bottom layer, a red layer, which is basically just a line, probably to separate the gold from the third upper layer of pink. Her lips are a very natural color, if not, a bit purplish.

Novi Stars Tula Toned, has a very loud face, I.e., she has two toned glittery eyes, one pink and one blue. Her rooted eyelashes are blue, with the tips covered in pink glitter. She has three, two colored dots over both her eyes, which I guess would be her eyebrows, they are lavender with a purple border. she also has asymmetrical blue and dark blue triangles all over the left side of her face. And she has a lavender colored line on to of her eyelid, to accentuate the shape of her eyelid im guessing? Her lips are gray, and are in a puckered shape, as if she's about to give you a little kiss.

Now, I would usually put up some after pictures for the dolls that I got, but honestly since most of them came in pretty good condition, I think today they will just be posing and showing off their outfits. Let"s go!

Here are my two genies showing off their henna tattoos and trying (failing) to look straight at the camera.

My Tokyo A GoGo girls waving and sort of looking at the camera. "_"

Movie Starz Cloe curiously waving at the camera, and Princess Yasmin waving at her 'loyal subjects'. The boots on Cloe actually belong to the Birthday Bash Yasmin I got in the other thrifted treasures post, im still looking for the perfect pair of boots, and I made that dress, because I unfortunately didn't have any matching pieces of clothes in my box o' accessories.

Since the Bratz already don't have all that much articulation, and Cowgirlz Cloe's hair was starting to poof out, I decided to just snap this quick picture of them both looking at the camera, Girlz Really Rock Cloe, however, decided to go wall eyed, so it looks like her right eye is looking to the side, while her left eye is looking straightforward. She has a lovely screening, with no defects, so I cant imagine what happened.

Flower Girlz Nora and Treasures Roxxi back to back holding hands, while Roxxi is spaced out and looking at my doll shelves instead of at my camera.

Ice Champions Vinessa in what I guess is the doll version of a Biellmann spin, or maybe a slightly botched Attitude? Im not good with figure skating terms, and it took me forever just to keep myself from falling over on the ice when I get the courage to go to an ice skating rink, whoops, sorry, rabbit trail, back to the doll! She has a feature where if I you lift her left leg up backwards, her arms kick up, it's kid of cute, actually, but that means her legs are all hard plastic, effectively removing her ability to bend her knees. :{

Chiffon here is just lounging on one of my accessory boxes (yes, ONE, I have three accessory boxes, My accessories outnumber my dolls!) and showing off the skirt part of her dress, which was covered by her apron in the other pictures.

 Here Tink is demonstrating the fact that she can still fly, albeit, not very high, due to a lot of faith and trust, but not a whole lot of pixie dust. '-'

It was at this point that I noticed Tula was missing, and as I was looking around my room, trying to spot her, I finally looked towards my window...

Apparently, even with a lack of wings, she has defied gravity!

Here's another closer pic of  Tula, before I convinced her to get off of my blinds to finish the photo shoot.

Isn't she darling? Now I want more  Novis! I also didn't get a picture, but she has made very good friends with my Malie Tasker doll. And I may or may not be getting an Anne Arctic doll soon! We'll See!

See Ya!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dusty Dolls: Magical DoReMi Musical Reanne Griffith

Hi! Today's installment of Dusty Dolls will be focusing on a doll that was released in 2005 by Bandai, Musical Reanne Griffith from Magical DoReMi!

Isn't she a cutie?
Now for the 'educational' part of Dusty Dolls, here is a little backstory of the DoReMi series. Magical DoReMi, or also known as, Ojamajo DoReMi, was a magical girl series aimed at young girls from the late 90's to early 2000's. It was broadcast in America on 4Kids TV, which is a (now defunct?) company that mostly focused on exporting kids tv shows from different parts of the world, some of it's biggest titles being Winx Club, Poekmon, and YuGiOh! Magical DoReMi aired in 2005, and I don't think that it lived past it's first season in America, where it didn't really seem to catch on all that well, from what I can tell anyways. In Japan, however, it was quite popular, spawning five seasons and two movies, I have been watching some of the series, and It seems really cutesy and adorable, but after watching the witches lose their powers for the fourth time, the plot started to get a bit repetitive. But this isn't a review of the show! It's a review of the doll! Onward we go!

Her face is typical of an anime character, with the huge eyes, undetailed eyebrows, tiny nose, and small mouth set practically under her nose. Her eyes are a dark shade of orange, and her mouth is bright red color. She has very large circular glasses, which make sense for her character, since she's the smarty over achiever, which makes her my favorite character in the show.

Here she is with her glasses removed, her eyes are spaced very far apart, which would look weird, but looks kind of cute, to me at least. And I apologize for the blue tinge a lot of these pictures have! I need a better camera!

Here are her glasses by themselves, they're gray and are the typical 'Dorky' type glasses. They have little tabs on the edges that are used to plug into the dolls head, to keep them from falling out too easily.

Here is her profile, which is incredibly adorable! she has molded on orange earrings, and here you can see the little hole above her ear where the glasses plug in.

Her hair is tied up into a tight ponytail, held back with a big orange bow attached to an elastic, I'm very happy that her hair elastic hasn't dried up and broken (yet!)

Her outfit is a one piece neon orange yellow mix, which is showing up more yellow on camera, sorry! She also has a pair of neon orange gloves.

Here is a close up of one of the gloves, it has a beading decoration by the wrist, with three different colored beads: pink, blue, and yellow. They remind me of oven mitts XD

She has orange ankle boots with a creamy orange type color at the top of the boots.

Here's a side view of the boots, they end in an upwards point, with a small heel.

A full body side view,

A back view, and can I just say, her hair is so amazing! It's soft and easy to brush, and so shiny!

And a final full body side view! Now onto the accessories!

She has a little wand with different multicolored dots going down it, with red half ball like decorations on both ends.

Here she is holding the wand, she can hold it thanks to a hole on both of her palms.

She also came with this broom, that has a white handle and pastel pink 'bristles' made from the same material as zelf hair.

Here she is holding the broom, and if you look closely, you might see the hole in her left palm.

She also came with a yellow-orange witches hat with an orange stripe going around the base.

I think the hat really pulls her entire outfit together, yet I don't really display her wearing it  >.<\

She came with an extra schoolgirl, or civilian, outfit, which is being modeled here by my customized Pullip Peter Pan.

 The top gives off the illusion of being a light yellow vest over a plain white shirt, but it's all just one piece.

The skirt is pleated and is a bright orange color, and her shoes (loafers?) are huge and brown colored, with plain white socks that look like they are rolled down.

And that's just about it for this doll! I would have loved to include a video clip of her talking, but her batteries are long dead, and they're those watch type batteries, which are crazy expensive and hard to come by where I live. And I know I still have her box, it's just lost in the messy and bottomless pit that is my closet, I will have to update this post when, or if, I find the box. I hope you liked this amateuresque review! :) Bye!